01 Features

What’s good about Hinoki cutting boards?

point 1

Blades stay sharp for a long time

Despite the image that wooden cutting boards are damaged by knife blades, our board actually helps preserve the sharpness of knives.
Our Hinoki cutting boards, with moderate hardness and generous give, do not damage blades, so knives retain long-lasting sharpness.
Even if knife marks remain in the hard wood of the board, there is no need to worry about the surface layer being shaved away.

point 2


This wooden cutting board is especially light!
It weighs less than half of a similarly-sized plastic cutting board.
The thin Hinoki board is even light enough to be washed with one hand, so it is exceptionally easy to use.
It is easy to hold the cutting board with one hand to quickly add ingredients to a pot or frying pan.

point 3


The problem of ingredients not cutting through well is due to bounce back of the knife blade on the chopping board surface.
The moderate hardness of our Hinoki cutting board lets knives cut cleanly and not bounce back, reducing the burden on the hand at the same time.
In addition, the non-slip surface is another major feature contributing to ease of cutting.

point 4

Fresh fragrance

The fresh scent of Hinoki drifts into the room from the time you open the package.
Perfect not only for your own use, it also delights as a gift.
Please enjoy the woody fragrance that lingers faintly even after washing.
※ After a certain period of use, the scent will eventually disappear.