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Q&A 1

What kind of material is Hinoki?

It is one of the characteristically Japanese trees and has been used in the finest building materials since ancient times.
The wood has a beautiful white and pale pink finish with minimal warping, and is resistant to mold and rot, so is used extensively even outside of architecture.

Q&A 2

Why is there a difference in the pattern of the wood grains?

There are two types of wood grains: "Itame" and "Masame”
"Itame" is the natural concentric circle pattern in the wood and is what generally comes to mind when we hear the term ‘wood grain’.
"Masame” has a wood grain pattern formed by detailed parallel lines.
“Masame” wood can be cut in greater widths, and is cheaper, but it is is more prone to warping.
“Itame” wood comes in narrow widths and, although it is more expensive, is less prone to warping, making it highly suitable as a cutting board.
At Daiwa Sangyo, we use different wood grains, either “Itame” or “Masame” depending on the product.

Q&A 3

Are Hinoki cutting boards made from a single piece of wood?

Daiwa Sangyo does not make cutting boards with a single piece of wood.
This is because when a cutting board is made with a single board, extensive warping occurs.
In addition, wide cuts of single pieces of wood become very expensive.
By combining timber pieces, we can produce large width boards.
This reduces the price and allows us to produce a high quality board with little warping.

Q&A 4

Are the adhesives and finishes food safe?

The adhesives and paints used for cutting boards are very safe.
In addition, the adhesives and paints do not actually come in contact with the food, so please use it with confidence.

Q&A 5

What is the manufacturing processing for the edges of thin cutting boards?

Since thin boards are more prone to warping, warp prevention technology is applied to both ends of our cutting boards.
This is the process of creating a drainage space on both sides, then bonding another board to the main body.
Since only the edges have additional wood, the entire cutting board is not three layers.

Q&A 6

Do you provide re-shaving services?

Daiwa Sangyo does not provide re-shaving services.
There are companies which offer cutting board maintenance, so please contact them.